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How to be happy :-)

How to be happy :-)

"Pour yourself drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together" - Liz Taylor

There are high times in life and there are low times in life. That is a fact. Low times are pretty unpredictable and unavoidable. If life were easy and perfect we wouldn't appreciate the "good times" as much. Adversity makes us stronger, hopeful, humble and the good times sweeter. I recently went through a major low when I got laid off and went through a breakup at the exact same time. Not fun. I remember thinking "Is this ever going to get better, am I ever going to feel myself again" I felt vulnerable, insecure and like the worst version of myself. I wish I could have told 4 month ago Natalie "It's going to get better! These feelings won't last forever. This must happen to lead you to a healthier and happier place". If this is how you are feeling trust me when I say life get's better! 

Here are 5 steps to becoming the healthier, happier more optimistic girl you deserve to be. 

1. If you are in a job that drains you and makes you miserable QUIT. Get out girl!

Yes, I do believe in earning your stripes. It is important to go through challenging positions to learn and grow. But when is enough, enough? I'd say if you are in a stressful job where you don't see advancement opportunities after six months to a year get out! The people you surround yourself rub off on you, they shape you. Don't surround yourself with miserable / catty people, it will drag you down. Yes quitting a job is scary but necessary if it is draining you. You only have one life, why spend time and energy in toxic places? Not worth it. Quit and get a part time job at a fun fitness studio, nanny, pick up odd jobs while you recoup and reapply. When asked about your previous position and why you left say "I didn't see growth opportunities and wanted to switch paths" emphasize the valuable things you learned and how they will help you thrive in your next position. 

2. Travel - The great escape!

Traveling is good for the soul, mind and "Paris is always a good idea". Has there ever been a trip that you've looked back on and thought "that was a bad idea"? Okay, maybe Cabo ... But that's a beast of it's own. After I left my job, I took a two week trip to Israel with my Dad and it was AMAZING. Getting to spend time with my dad, exploring the holy land, eating exotic foods - it was just what I needed! I got to escape my current situation in LA and hit a reset button and came back feeling energized and ready to slay. 

3. Get a hobby

New people and experiences will turn your stale seeming life into a colorful one. Right when I got back from traveling I looked into volunteering opportunities, sport clubs and started auditioning for local plays. I ended up getting cast in a play and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Theatre is a passion/hobby I've had since I was 8 years old. It brings me to life and makes my days feel brighter and full of purpose. What activities were you involved with when you were younger that you miss? Soccer, Dance, Theatre, Basketball, Painting - all these activities are available for adults too! So get out there - you won't regret it!

4. Make a new friend. "I am currently accepting friend applications" ;) 

Making friends can be hard, scary and seemingly impossible when you don't get out much. Think of places where girls flock to and go to them AND YES, make friends! I find joining a fitness studio / getting a membership is great for making gal pals. Strike up a convo. You could say "It's so early but I'm trying to power through cause I'm training for a 5K". They might say - "Oh you like runnning, I run too". Thus, a convo has started and you could even say "I'm always looking for training buddies, we should run together". There you go, new friend. Wasn't so hard was it? Other great friend finding spots are: classes, volunteering, networking events, bible studies, or female professional groups. 

5. Eat clean & exercise

I know you've heard this a million times but that's because IT WORKS. You are what you eat. Exercise gives you endorphins which make you happy. It is as simple as that. I like to think of my stomach as a clear tube (kinda like a blender) and visualize what I'd like to fill my tube up with. Would I like to see pizza, pasta, soda and chips in there OR veggies, fruit and lean meat. Definitely the latter... But sometimes I don't mind seeing some donuts in there ;) 

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