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2017 Winter Apartment Decor I'm Drooling Over

2017 Winter Apartment Decor I'm Drooling Over

I'm a sucker for decor. And sadly I get obsessive over different decor trends about every season. I'm the roommate that constantly switches around furniture, sells and updates from craigslist and can transform the total vibe of one room in just one night. 

Lately I've been very into boho greenery decor. AKA anything and everything Urban Outfitters. Let's just say ouch to my piggy bank right now and get it over with... "ouch... Sorry Piggy". Blame it on impulse buying, materialism, retail therapy but I'm a sucker for interior design trends. 

Instead of buying all new decor on an impulse I've decided to share it with you. It's almost like I'm redoing my apartment, but I don't spent any money and I get to share ideas... So win win ;)

Here's some drool worthy design trends I'm loving right now. 


Click here to check it out <3




It's pink, sassy and comfy... Need I say more?!
Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 7.32.19 PM.png

Click here to see my favs <3

There's nothing that can make a room lit more that a neon sign ;)


Urban has the cutest and most original pillows. Pretty sure I've picked up the kitten one 100X. There's nothing more that will bring your bed to life more that pillows with personality.


The fastest way to switch up your rooms decor is to switch out the tapestry. I just bought this feminist one and I'M IN LOVE.

Click here to buy this magic <3  








#5 Velvet Lounge Chair 

For the random corner you can't seem to decorate right.

And thats all for my Winter 2017 favs! Can't wait to share my new decoration obsessions next year! 



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