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Nattie's Nashville Travel Guide

Nattie's Nashville Travel Guide

Short story: My friend Kristin and I agreed that we both want to visit Nashville. So we bought tickets to Nashville. ✈️   

Longer story: I think that many Los Angeleno's can agree that it's hard to feel "at home" or "thriving" in LA. As I spend more time in LA I'm constantly wondering "is this my place"? "Is this where I'm called to be" or "is it all that I know / am I getting too comfortable"? I'm a daydreamer. I'm pretty sure I've planned out a whole life in about 20 plus cities. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting caught in the superficial triviality of LA and need to check myself and be sure I'm where I want to be. My daydream for Nashville would be to marry a cowboy, teach theatre at a local school and lead a country bumpin church choir... Yes, I'm serious. Yes, very different than my current life. But the best way to kill fantasies and yearnings is to investigate and gain a realistic perception. Therefore I bought a ticket to Nashville to see if I should pack my bags, buy some cowboy boots and settle down ;) OR cross that city off my list after discovering it's not my city. Update: the latter happened. PHEW. 

Here my guide to what to do in Nashville so you can go investigate it yourself!

Where to stay:

Urban Cowboy: This place MADE our trip. I'd be satisfied just cozying up in here for a week. It's a Victorian mansion converted to B&B and interior designed with an urban western feel. This place is AMAZING. Every morning you are greeted with artisan breakfast and a warm fire. We ended up talking a few hours every morning with the staff cause they are so fun and kind. The very definition of southern hospitality. Each room features a claw foot tub and the overall vibe is inviting and inspiring. Kinda makes you wanna whip out a banjo and drink whisky! Out back is a restaurant called Public House, the chef just won best chef in Nashville so let's just say the food is unreal. Salavating just thinking about their chicken sandwich. 

What to do: 

  • Go out on Broadway
    • People said that Broadway is a tourist trap and it's basically the Vegas of the South. But everyone agreed that you have to do it at least once. They also said to start at Robert's cause it's the most chill and fun. We were planning to just stop by and get one drink but we literally got sucked in and ended up dancing the night away on Broadway. IT WAS SO FUN. Probably my favorite night in Nashville. 
  • Go shopping on 12 South
    • They have Reese Witherspoon's store Draper James AND the "I believe in Nashville" sign so it's a must do!
  • Get tea at High Garden
    • It's like stepping into a fairy land and you can so tea leaf readings. Trelawney approved!
  • Check out Pinewood Social
    • Pinewood social is a bar meets coffee shop meets brunch meets bowling joint. It is very picture-esque and a great place to check out daytime or night. 
  • Go see a show every night
    • Nashville's claim to fame is it's music and bar scene. We booked a show every night to check out upcoming artists and each show we saw was unique and inspiring. Shows are only around 10 bucks and they are really fun! We went to Mercy Lounge, The Listening Room and The Grand Ole Opry

Where to eat:

To some up it all up. Yes, I love Nashville. No, I wouldn't move there. Nashville's main thing at the core is drinking and country music shows, which is amazing for many people but I'm much more of a daytime activity type person. So the hunt is still on for my city. Where to next? Hint: 🌲

Thanks for reading and please reach out with any questions!



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