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When Ari Skye lost her job a couple of years ago, she found herself.

She also found bagels.

She liked eating them, so she started baking them. She took a bread class. She experimented with different starters and recipes, then did a deep dive into the history of bagels in Poland and discovered that they represented Jewish courage. This touched Ari deeply. Courage was something she’d been struggling to muster while broke and unemployed.

Inspired, and encouraged by her friends and fiancé, Ari began peddling her bagels around town. Literally pedaling. She had a red bike, a basket of fresh baked goods, and a ton of invention and drive.


Flash forward a couple of years, and Ari’s business, Courage Bagels, is thriving. Her organic, handmade, Montréal-style treats can be ordered through her instagram account, or can be purchased in-person outside of one of Silverlake’s cozy coffee shops. (Check IG for locations and times!)

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Ari – who is so sweet and humble; her charm all parts raw, honest, and inviting! – a few weeks ago. Click the video to learn more about Ari and her beloved business. It would be impossible to not want to buy a bagel from her!

Natalie Hovee